Sheri on the Run


I’m Sheri and I’m 29 and have been travelling the world on and off for the past 10 years. As soon as I finished school I knew I wanted to see as much of the world as possible so I saved every dollar I had through School and Uni to fund my trips. My first trip alone was to South Korea and Vietnam and I fell in love with that thrill of turning up in a totally foreign environment and learning the smells and sounds and love of a different culture.

I’ve been through much of Asia, Backpacked through South and Central America and Lived in the UK for 2 years while exploring Europe. I started this blog when I left Australia for that big trip as a way to update my family and friends of my Adventures and funny anecdotes. You’ll find my earlier posts are less guides, and more just stories and musings- I’ve left them as is because I love reading them and they tell the journey of my traveller life, and you’ll get an insight into my life and history.  While in the Uk and during my time back in Aus I decide to blog more and be more helpful in my guides and Itineraries and give people great ideas on what to see and do. I have just moved to Canada and plan on seeing everything the Country has to offer. I hope to Inspire at least one person to follow their dreams of world travel and adventure, so please, check out my destination guides, there’ll be plenty more to come!

Sheri xx

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