The time had finally come. To step out into the big wide world. To take a trip without my big sister in tow. It was tough, it felt odd, separation anxieties ran high-but we made it through the weekend. It was also the first time I grabbed my other half Jay and dragged him along for the ride to Copenhagen, Denmark for a long weekend.I didn’t really have too many preconceptions about Copenhagen bar the infamous and most photographed spot in Denmark-Nyhaven canal. And for good reason. Nyhaven is an insanely picturesque harbour dotted with sailing ships basking in the colourful facade of the many shops and houses that line the watersedge. It served as a beautiful port for sailors and is in fact where Hans Christian Anderson lived, created his most famous work, and died. Today the culture is still very much alove- there are loads of gorgeous restaurants and cafes (though being the dead of winter it was pretty quiet, I can only imagine how alive these bars become during summertime.) There’s even still some old tattoo parlours in the lanes that run off the harbour that while tempting, couldn’t quite get me to lose my ink virginity.

Jay and I flew into Copenhagen late Friday afternoon and headed into the city to our apartment. We didn’t really know much of Copenhagen and as such we lucked out massively with our accommodation. We rented an apartment from Airbnb in downtown Indre By, stones throw from Norreport station. Hands down the best area of the city… (After walking a total of 26 kilometers in 2 days all over the city I..and my sore feet…can personally attest to that) Indre By is a cool, hipster neighborhood flanked by trendy cafes, bars and boutiques and you will not want for somewhere amazing to eat or drink (we can personally vouch for the German themed bar complete with Lederhosen, 80’s pop music and disco ball)

Food in Copenhagen is amazing and we spent our first night at a much recommended burger place called Cocks and Cows. We had to wait for a table ad they were at full capacity and the wait was totally worth it! Probably one of the best gourmet burgers I’ve had in a long while Complete with salt and vinegar fries washed down with Vino and Vanilla milkshakes. (one guess at who the milkshake belongs to. #lovehim) There’s also a super cool bar called Bar 7 that has an amazingly unique and delicious cocktail list. Blueberry Bitch. Thats’s all.

In true Sheri “hurry up and get up we have so much exploring to do we’re going to miss it all” fashion, I had Jay up at the crack of Dawn with a planned out itinerary to follow. Now I’m usually a go-with0the-flow type traveller, exploring as I feel like it as it happens, but with only two days in Copenhagen a girl had to prepare. Breakfast was literally next door, a hole-in-the-wall cafe called Riccos that does incredible coffee and brekky at a very reasonable price! (Copenhagen is ridic expensive.) And off we went. It’s very achievable to see the main bits of Copenhagen in a day or two if you’re prepared to put in some footwork, or in the warm months, hire a bike and cruise around. We started in City Hall Square, wandered down Stroget, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets to Nyhaven, where you’re immediately greeted by a wall of colour. From Nyhaven we wandered along the waterfront to Amalienborg Palace, then continued down to the what has to be quite possibly the worlds most underwhelming attraction….Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid” I guess you’re there, you gotta see it.. but I’m glad I didn’t expect much… it made the fifteen minute walk in sub zero temps much less disappointing. Luckily I then warmed up in yet another adorable bakery and got my fill of Danish pastries. Cinnamon scrolls for the god damn WIN.

I want to say we spent our afternoon doing way more exploring. But that would be a lie. We napped. And we napped hard. Which, it turns out, was very fortuitous for us as we went out and got spontaneously very drunk at aforementioned german themed bar. I’m not saying Jay downed some serious strawberry daiquiris, and I’m not saying he didn’t. But the picture’s don’t lie.

Surprisingly fresh on Sunday morning, we clocked another 15ks walking to the Rundetarn (literally, round tower. Its exactly what you think it is.) then onto Rosenborg Castle and grounds which are simply breathtaking in the crisp wintertime, through the botanical gardens, across the river and to the cemetery where ole Hans is buried. Downed a few more coffees (Fully taking advantage of delicious coffee while abroad…sorry UK, yours sucks. Sincerely, an Aussie coffee snob) and back downtown, ready to head home.

Right by Norreport station is my favourite part of Copenhagen. And yes, It’s food based. Hide your surprise. It’s called Torvehallerne and it’s an incredible indoor super market. Full of fresh produce, meats, veggies, chocolates, spices and wines; coffee stalls, pizza places and paleo/vegan goodness. Paleo was my favourite, Jay favoured the fresh fish and croissants. Not together, ew. We ate here twice a day and never had the same thing. It’s full of trendy locals and tourist alike, all pulling up a bench to catch up and eat delightful food. We kept straying and we kept coming back. An absolute must in Copenhagen.

It was a brief but magic visit in Copenhagen. Oh! I almost forgot Tivoli! How could I? The magical, Mystical wonderland amusement park that lights up downtown Copenhagen. Except I wouldn’t know, because it was bloody closed. Good one Denmark. I was horribly upset as it was what I was looking forward to most, but Jay took a photo of me outside and it was magical all the same.

After a wonderful weekend we took off from Copenhagen airport under a blanket of promised snow, albeit a wee bit late for our enjoyment, though it didn’t stop me from taking photos on the tarmac like a schoolkid.

Special mention to Jay for secretly squirreling into duty free while I was in the loo and buying me the perfume I’ve been eyeing off for months but couldn’t justify buying myself.  #boyfriendgoals. 


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