Between Chirtsmas and New Year we had a few days off so decided to do our first Scottish trip and head into the highlands. We had a friend from London staying for the week so we hired a car and headed West to Oban, a cute little storey book town on the West Coast of Scotland. It’s called the “Gate way to the Isles” as it’s the landing spot for loads of little islands off the coast and the perfect seaside town. It almost feels like a movie set; perfect streets, cliche facade-we got some very Truman Show vibes! But Oban is adorable and we had a great few days.

Being on the coast, it’s Scotland’s seafood capital so of course we ate ourselves silly on fish and chips. The main reason we headed to Oban was to spend out only full day on one of the Islands nearby. We decided against the popular Isle of Mull and settles on Kerrera, on recommendation of our fish and chip waitress with the indecipherable Scottish accent. When we told her we were hoping for a good hike, she pointed us in the direction of the smallest and Closest Island to Oban. That night back in our hotel, while we stripped naked and jumped in the Spa (I really hope there aren’t any cameras on the deck) a plan was formed.

We got up super early to head into town to the ferry on the outskirts of Oban. For 4 quid you can take the 5 minute journey to Kerrera, population 35. The island is small. There is no ‘town’, just a random splattering of farmhouses and some handmade signs pointing us in the direction of Gylen castle. And so our plan came to life! Walk the gravel track through the green farmland to the Castle. The landscape is simply stunning. There’s a silver lining to Scotland being in a constant state of rain-how GREEN it makes everything! We were incredibly fortunate to have a beautiful (read: not raining) day and the sun even peaked out from behind the ever present clouds to light up the castle in sunlight glory. Sounds dramatic? Oh, It was.

We didn’t see another soul on Kerrera once our ferry man dropped us off and it was so peaceful seemingly having the Isle to ourselves. There is a wee teahouse along the way, however being off season it was all boarded up. And so we walked in the blistery wind through the hills until we found the castle. We took a few slips through the mud on the way up but it was worth it! By far one of our favourite days of Scotland to date. Realising we were going to miss the ferry (and the next one for another 2 hours with a gigantic storm rolling in) We hightailed it (Literally, ran) the 3ks back to the ferry just in time to jump aboard (solo passengers again) and walk back to town for a hot lunch and pint of cider. And to defrost. We chose to forgo the naked spa that night, mainl because the horrific seastorm caught us and flooded Oban, bringing 80 mile winds! So we ate a rack of ribs as a substitute and went to bed.

The end.

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