Bolivia you Beauty

Is this Real life?!? Seriously, our time in the Bolivian Salt Flats was Lick-The-Bowl Delicious!
If my eyes could speak, I scarcely think they could conjur the words necessary to adequately describe them. So I’ll settle for a brief list and a multitude of photos.

The sights we have seen are seriously out of this world. When we crossed over into Bolivia from Argentina, it was like stepping back in time. Bolivia is a melting pot of culture, colour and tradition and everything seems to slow down.

A list of AWESOME things we saw and did over the  4 days on our 4×4 trip through the Bolivian countryside.

-Saw a BUNCH of llamas
-Got so close to llamas they spit on us
-Staying in hostels made completely of Salt-beds, tables, walls, floors
-ATE llama. It’s delicious
-Spend sunset over red lakes with posing pink Flamingos
-Aqua lakes dwarfed by snow capped mountains
-Got food poisoning
-Got altitude sickness
-Ate SO many Coca Leaves to combat above Altitude sickness
-Saw lots of volcanos
-Didn’t shower for 3 days
-Did a lot of roadside squat wee’s
-Played a lot of card games. Drank a lot of wine.
-Took some sweet pictures on the Salt Flats.
-saw a 10m high cactus. It’s super old.
-Hit 5000m altitude. Hence the sickness.
-Got stalked by a mangy wolf while bare assed and wee’ing…turned out just to be a hungry dog.
-Went to a cactus island. There were loads of cacti!
-Saw some skeletons in preserved burial sites. They were old.
-Went to a cursed ghost town. Didn’t see any ghosts.
-Made friends for life with our 4×4 group
-Learned a bit of Spanish with our non English speaking driver and cook
-Climbed heaps of rocks.
-Brit maybe got Sulfur poisoning
-Bought llama beanies
-Saw some Condors eating roadkill
-Baby llamas EVERYWHERE
-Played soccer with locals/travellers in the desert. Britt scored!
-Saw things my eyes could never even put into words.

Back in La Paz we set out to bike down the world most dangerous road-DEATH ROAD! Since 1928, 28 tourist have died doing Death Road by bike. We were not one of them. We spent 3 hours and 50ks winding down the worlds most dangerous road. It poured the whole way, it was freezing and foggy but it was incredible! Followed by a zipline through the Bolivian Jungle.

We also decided to deck ourselves out in costumes (I was Mario) and climb down the outside of a 17 storey building (harnessed, of course, I’m not spiderman) with a 25m freefall to the bottom and and an amazing view over the city of La Paz at sunset. Now it’s time to leave the comfort of our awesome hostel to rough it in the Jungle. Run at me Piranhas! (or swim, rather)

Bolivia, you’ve made our happy SO loud.

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