You’re a guy; Uruguay

Every time I try and type out Uruguay I have to sound it out and it always sounds like ” you’re a guy” and then it occurs to me that these are the things I probably shouldn’t tell people.

Aside from that fun little fact, Britt and I endured the aforementioned hideous ferry-vomit-crossing to spend a few days in Colonia, Uruguay-an irresistibly picturesque town which sports, as it’s namesake suggests… a very Colonial-esque Historical centre, sitting on a tiny little peninsula jutting into the river. This Unesco World Heritage site (fancy!) Is as any historical town looks-cobbled streets and narrow pathways lines with flowing vines crawling up crumbling sing-story buildings, immersed in splashes of colour thanks to the Portugese influence. (It was originally settled by the Portugese and used to smuggle goods to Buenos Aires like Pirates!) It’s surrounded by water on three sides, centred around a charming little lighthouse and beautiful church which no doubt add to Colonia’s draw.

We mainly jumped on the ferry from BA to head to (had to sound it out slowly) because

A-we cracked the shits in BA after our Spanish Lesson debacle (that wound is still very sore) and

B-We had run out of USD and were drowning in the despair of changing our Aussie dollars LEGALLY-how dare we contribute to Argentinas Economic crisis!
And a little bird told us we could withdraw USD from ATM’s in Uruguay so it seemed like a perfect few days before we continued on in Argentina.

Once we pillaged half the ATM’s in town (Uruguay is onto us and puts a 300 limit on each transaction) we decided to explore the town.

Ten minutes later

That’s basically it. You walk around, oohh and ahhh at the cute little buildings, have a look at the lighthouse, and wander by the river. Oh, we also seemed to acquire a growing pack of dogs and a new British friend Grace. Between the three of us, we formed some kind of rag-tag canine gang that roamed the streets of Colonia. I’m not even kidding. At one point we had 5 stray town dogs following us through the city and sit at our heels because they knew we were pretty generous with the pats (and Britt may have been feeding them…)

So with our USD hidden safely in our pockets, the town explored in 3.2 seconds, we grabbed a bottle of wine and did what we do best and what most people seem to do in Colonia-long lunches.

Finished up our stay with a long run along the river in downtown Colonia (there IS actually a town outside the Heritage Historic Barrio) and jumped onto a ferry back to Buenos Aires… don’t worry…we paid extra for the giant ferry built like a front row forward to quash the chance of laying in the aisle vomitting into a plastic bag again.

Our stay may have been short lived, but it was wonderful to get away from the city and into some open spaces.

We’ll be back Uruguay (Nailed it!)

One thought on “You’re a guy; Uruguay

  1. Hi Girls, love the photos, looks like you are getting into it, although sometimes seems all a bit too fast, but hopefully seeing all the places you wanted to, even though with some disappointment along the way, and no doubt learning as you go. Love that about all the dogs, Britt must be missing hers chronically, and seeing dogs not so well cared for, if at all, is heart breaking, but life, but I would rather not see that, pretty well insulated here in Aussie, easier here to turn a blind eye. Made me tear up looking at those photos of Britt and her puppies back in Port. Stay safe luv to you both.


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