Gotta risk it for the Biscuit

And the next two years of our life are basically an Iced Vovo … or a Monte Carlo… or a Wagon Wheel…

Britt and I have always had the dream to do the Aussie Expat thing and live, work and travel overseas for as long as we can but life kept getting in the way. If we kept waiting until the ‘right’ time or until we had ‘enough’ money (you’ll never have ‘enough’) then we’d never leave! So we decided to throw caution to the wind and just DO it..Alas a plan was brought to fruition…

Step one: Make a rough draft. We need to be able to work. As Radiographers, the best place for us skill-wise is the UK, so the decision to live in Edinburgh was a simple one.. who doesn’t want to live in a city built around giant castles? It’s like living in Harry Potter land all day long… However, neither of us were quite content with just picking up and moving…we needed some adventure first!
So, over a bottle of wine one night we decided that we would spend five months travelling before relocating. The goal was to pick somewhere neither of us had been but both wanted to explore (and could afford not to work for half a year!) and the result was South/Central America. We’ve now got a rough Itinerary, a tummy full of wanderlust and zero Spanish skills.

Step two: Book flights. Check! After some sweet negotiating and a small fortune in Travel Insurance (turns out five months in a high risk Continent doing lots of extreme sports is dangerous…) we are booked and paid and ready to go!
Lock in March 22nd… we are Brazil bound!

Step three: Pack a backpack, quit our jobs and DO IT

Time to kick this life into overdrive…Now excuse me while I suck tea through a TimTam.

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